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"We make investments like the money is our own, because it is."

Terracotta Capital is a private, family-based investment firm formed to make investments in small, profitable, and growing businesses.


OAs a private investment firm funded primarily by family capital, we are not obligated to structure our transactions in a specific manner or view our investments with a pre-determined timeframe for exit or returns. This flexibility enables us to truly align with our operating partners to build long-term value.


Real Estate: With an emphasis in residential (both Multi-Family apartment complexes, Student Housing and Single-Family occupancy), our real estate investments focus on long term sustainable growth.

Operating Businesses: We seek to identify businesses with strong cash-flow generative characteristics, growth opportunities and positive returns.

We follow a value-oriented investment approach supported by intensive fundamental research, which enables us to invest in strong companies around the world.

Early Stage Investment: We place high value on companies where we see disruptive application of technology and even more value on the entrepreneur and the management team.

Current Investments​:

  • Real Estate (Multi-Family, Student Housing, Single Family Occupancy)

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Food & Beverage

  • Public & Private Securities Funds

Our work

The Terracotta Warrior symbolizes one of the many accomplishments of the Qin Dynasty in Ancient China.  Emperor Qin, being the first to unite the seven kingdoms in China, has also been credited with the construction of roads and canals to connect the kingdoms, early construction of the Great Wall, the introduction of standards & measurement, institution of a single written language, implementation of a currency system, and the establishment of laws within the emplire.



Hillsborough, California 94010
Tel: 650.550.0150

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